About us

Intinn is an online store devoted to sharing loving, inspiring and thought-provoking messages which reinforce positivity in the world. The garments used by Intinn are always selected with ethics, the environment, and quality in mind. Our intention is that you feel great, confident and excited about your purchase and wearing your garment! 

A proud Canadian company based in Calgary, Alberta, Intinn focuses on supporting the local community. All printing is done by a local printer and a portion of your purchase will be donated to a Canadian Mental Healthy charity <3 

Intinn was founded by Fiona Williams, a born and raised Calgarian who is passionate about mental health! Fiona is an Erickson Life Coach and the author of two children's books which teach children how to think positively. Also helping run Intinn is Fiona's husband, Eric Visser, who was also born in Calgary and was raised in the foothills of Alberta in Millarville. Together, Fiona and Eric enjoy life and nature, and always aim to help others.   

You may be curious about the name "Intinn" ~ it is Gaelic for 'Mind' ~ a beautiful name which Fiona chose to honour her Irish heritage. Fiona and Eric firmly believe that when we take care of our minds and take more opportunities to calm, we are naturally more loving to ourselves, others, animals, and the planet as a whole. Everyone benefits.

Intinn's t-shirts and tank tops remind you to focus on the thoughts and feelings which help you feel happy, peaceful and empowered. Remember to look within, and look within to remember <3 

If you have any questions, please contact Fiona.

Phone: (403) 973-3040
Email: fiona@fionamaria.ca


Thank you so dearly for your support! 


Fiona and Eric